Tom Crean continues to make it all about Tom Crean after screaming at Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer


Indiana head coach Tom Crean may need a hug as the guy just simply can’t be happy.

Or perhaps he’s too focused on making Indiana’s tremendous season all about him.

After taking advantage of a late game choke job by Michigan, the Hoosiers went on to beat the Wolverines 72-71 winning the Big Ten regular season title outright. In doing this you’d figure Crean would be happy enough to shake hands with the opposition and take to the locker room to celebrate the hard work of his Hoosier team.

Nope not the case…

Upon the victory, Crean immediately chose to go after Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer (a former Indiana assistant under Kelvin Sampson) saying..

“You know what you did. You helped wreck the program! You helped wreck the program!”

Need some context?

Well, under the Kelvin Sampson era at Indiana the program was cited for impermissible recruiting phone calls resulting in NCAA rules violations and in turn hurting the Hoosiers for years to come.

This of course was until Indiana savior Tom Crean came along.

If anything he should be thanking Meyer and sending flowers to Sampson. If it wasn’t for that coaching regimes screw up Crean may not be there today. Or in other words, stop your bitching.

Crean later apologized…

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