Brady Hoke’s success comes courtesy of Rich Rod’s baking skills… huh?


Former Michigan head football coach Rich Rodriguez has maintained that he wasn’t given enough time to be successful with the Wolverines. The lack of time seemed to be common theme with Michigan football and the Rich Rod era which in Rich Rod’s eyes is finally coming for fruition now.

In fact it sounds as though Rich Rodriguez believes that Brady Hoke is reeking the benefits of his (Rich Rod’s) hard work…

“I thought our time was coming and we didn’t get to finish the job,” Rodriguez said. “It’s like you made a cake from scratch and put it in the oven. Someone else is putting the icing on and eating it.”

The problem though is Rich Rod was the reason why he had to start from scratch. He was the one that finished off guys like Ryan Mallett who yes had some baggage but would’ve been a better option than Steven Threet and Tate Forcier. It also wasn’t Lloyd Carr’s fault that once an asset like Denard Robinson came along that Rich Rod’s system couldn’t keep him healthy.

Instead of easing the team into a new system, Rich Rod blew the doors down and didn’t take accountability for when it didn’t work.

Brady Hoke certainly deserves more credit than what Rich Rod is prepared to give him considering Hoke has made it work and appears to be doing things the right way so far.

Ref: ESPN.com

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