CBS Sports published a bullshit survey that said Jim Harbaugh was the “most overrated” coach in college football


Jim Harbaugh

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is not only a big name in the college ranks but football in general.

Harbaugh is also a polarizing figure within the sport having a plethora of fans and a fair share of detractors.

This unsurprisingly transcends to his peers who’ve voiced their displeasure in the past; namely regarding Harbaugh’s efforts to establish satellite camps in SEC country or travel overseas for a Michigan tour of Italy.

So when CBS Sports conducted a survey amongst college coaches asking the question who amongst them is the “most overrated”, you might expect Harbaugh’s name to come up a few times. Especially when we’re talking potentially slighted SEC coaches who still can’t get over the idea of Michigan setting up camp in their own back yard.

Well, I guess that petulance was apparently displayed when CBS Sports writers Dennis Dodd, Chip Patterson and Barrett Sallee spoke to one-fifth of all 130 Football Bowl Subdivision head coaches asking the aforementioned question; who is the most overrated coach in college football?

Thirteen percent came back with Harbaugh, the highest number returned in the survey. He beat out the likes of Alabama’s Nick Saban, Florida Atlantic’s Lane Kiffin and Illinois’ Lovie Smith all of which garnered nine percent of the vote.

But are we actually talking petulance or something else…

What’s quite amazing when it comes to the survey isn’t that Harbaugh was named the most overrated but CBS Sports would even publish such a flawed survey.

First, as advertised results were based on one-fifth of FBS coaches being surveyed. That’s 26 head coaches of 130 total with again 13-percent returning their ballot with Harbaugh’s name. However of the 26 coaches surveyed, 48 percent chose not to response to the question meaning the article is working on the correspondence of 14 total coaches.

14… of 130! Hardly enough to come back with the headline, “The most overrated coaches in college football”.

So what are the biggest problems with Harbaugh? Here’s what Sallee is saying:

Harbaugh hasn’t finished higher than third in his division during his first two seasons in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but antics like sleepovers with recruits, music videos public spats with Saban attract eyeballs like moths to a light.

I haven’t been mum on my distaste for Harbaugh’s antics off the football field.

It’s annoying.

But finishing third in the division over the course of his first two season is warrant enough to put him in the category of one of the most overrated in college football? This despite Harbaugh compiling a 20-6 record in two seasons and having 11 players taken in this past year’s NFL Draft.

That was quite a reach CBS.

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