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For the most part (and to preface) Michigan has looked really good so far this young college football season. Despite some offseason turnover, the running game is looking really good behind Ty Isaac whose racked up well over 250 yards on the ground these first two weeks and the defense has been undeniably suffocating against Florida and Cincinnati. Likewise the Wolverines managed to completely keep Florida off the scoreboard in the second half two weeks ago and this past weekend caused all sorts of trouble for Bearcats quarterback Hayden Moore who simply couldn’t get into a grove going just 15-for-40 for 132 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions once of which was returned for a touchdown. And speaking of which, Lavert Hill looks all-world and making it easier for Michigan fans to swallow the loss of Jabrill Peppers during the offseason.

However a quick 2-0 start doesn’t mean there’s not areas of concern for Michigan.

Much of the anxiety when it comes to Michigan unsurprisingly resides with quarterback Wilton Speight.

First off Speight hasn’t been horrible. He just hasn’t been very good.

Through his first two games, Speight has gone 28-of-54 for 402 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions. Now these are surely numbers that aren’t going to make the khakis of Michigan die-hards tight along the crotch by any sense. Moreover they’re numbers that’ll certainly need to be improved on as the season progresses.

This is especially the case considering many fans were screaming for freshman Brandon Peters to get his shot back during spring practice while John O’Korn is waiting in the wings for an opportunity as well.

As for now though Speight is the quarterback according to Jim Harbaugh himself via the Detroit News:

Harbaugh isn’t fanning the fumes, and isn’t interested in a deep discussion about backups John O’Korn and Brandon Peters. When I asked if the quarterback competition is ongoing, even into the season, Harbaugh looked irritated and abruptly cut the line of questioning Monday.

“Wilton’s the starting quarterback,” he said, “and we’re forging on.”

As for Peters, the touted redshirt freshman who was in the early mix, Harbaugh would only say, “Progressing nicely.”

But is it too early for Michigan fans to be so demanding when it comes to their quarterback?

Yes and no.

Yes in terms of it only being the second week and Harbaugh having the knack of getting more out of his quarterbacks than one might think. We don’t have to look back too long and see what Harbaugh did with Jake Rudock a few shorts season ago. The former Michigan QB who’s now a backup with the Detroit Lions looked simply lost in the offense when he got the nod only to become a catalyst for the offense come the end of the year.

No in the sense that Michigan needs to come to terms with their QB situation before Big Ten play comes around which is after this weekend’s matchup against Air Force.

If Speight continues struggle with turnovers and is unable to rally the offense then Harbaugh will have to sit down and take a good hard look at his quarterbacks. Sure the Wolverines have depth which is evidently good but without the added benefit of Jabrill Peppers on special teams consistently providing good field position and the young receiving core, the pressure is on the Michigan QB more than ever to get things done offensively.

It’s a problem the defense and running game can only mask so much.


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