Grading Michigan’s new “Color Rush” all-maize jerseys



Earlier this week, Michigan released official images of their all-maize “Color Rush” uniforms they’ll wear for Saturday’s season opener against Florida.

Now given Michigan’s color scheme and traditional approach to their jersey kits, the all maize direction was expected. Having an all white or all blue kit wouldn’t really deviate at all from their current home and road jersey combinations. In fact you could argue they go with a white “Color Rush” for their road uni’s given they sport the white jersey and white pant.

In any sense, he’s how we graded their most recent jersey mod.


Not much here has changed other than they’re going with the matte finish instead of the gloss.

In any case the fundamentals of the helmet couldn’t have been touched nor did it need to be modified to fit the overall design. In fact the only direction anyone could go with the helmet would be a base color maize with blue wings which would just look completely stupid and off.

This is easy.

Grade: A


Like the helmet Michigan kept the uniform simple as well. In fact the maize uniform is simply just their home blue with the colors reversed.

To add, there was no unnecessary piping, no changes to the font or additional graphics to the cut.

The only change I’d make is going a little thinner on the blue at the collar.

Other than that, less is more is certainly the best concept here.

Grade: B+


All maize paints for the all maize jerseys. It works and I’m fine with what Nike did.

A couple of things though…

I know I praised Michigan for not adding any unnecessary piping on the jersey however a small blue stripe along the side of the leg couldn’t hurt. Nor would bringing back the block M on the front of the pant.

Then again, that stripe I was talking about would probably mean some kind of piping on the jersey…

You can probably scrap that idea.

Grade: B


I’m making the assumption that the shoes will be a combination of maize and blue with blue being the predominant color. If that’s the case then I’m cool with that.

As far the sox, it may not seem like much but going with all maize socks could have been a total disaster. The blue socks – which is what they’ll actually be wearing – is the only thing that separates football pants from looking like yoga pants.

Take for instance the Lions’ new uniforms. The roads with the blue pants look really nice. The downfall is they’ll wear blue sox as well which will make the Lions look like a group of mom’s heading to the park or driving the minivan to pick up the kids from school.

Bottom line… the blue socks bring everything together!

Grade: A



Comprehensively I really like the direction Michigan went with these all maize threads. They didn’t try and take on some kind of different identity or gimmick nor did they try and develop a fake “throwback” concept that harkened back to the Dave Brandon days of Sears inspired close-out jersey kits.

What we have is the Michigan style with some slight modification to fit the jersey theme of the game.

And for the Wolverines, that’s all you really need.

Final Grade: A-

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