Who is Greer Love and should Michigan be concerned?



Michigan fans may still remember Mo Bamba, the 2017 five-star recruit who was connected to the Wolverines before he ultimately decided to sign on with Texas. Well unfortunately there maybe another layer to that Bamba/Michigan connection after a profanity laced Facebook video by Bamba’s brother Ibrahim Johnson surfaced.

In the video Johnson makes accusations that a certain individual tried to influence Bamba’s school selection with cash and gifts including vacations to Orlando and San Diego, a king size bed, TV, shoes and so on.

The guy doing the influencing was apparently someone by the name of Greer Love who was looking to work with Bamba in the future.

But who is Greer Love?

According to local outlets, Love is a financial adviser, and vice president of the Detroit-based investment firm Huron Capital. He’s also a University of Michigan alum where of which he earned his MBA from. Now speculation is going to run rampant when it comes to what schools exactly Love was allegedly trying to steer Bamba towards. You’d have to figure Michigan would be at the top of the list considering the connection Love has to it.

Of course this all pure conjecture as there’s been absolutely zero proof thus far that Love was trying to influence Bamba to sign with the Wolverines. To add there’s no proof (at this point) Love was trying to influence Bamba in any way. The only thing we have is a video from Bamba’s brother which is only one side of the story.

The problem however with this kind of speculation and Michigan fans is it most certainly will resurrect past nightmares of the whole Ed Martin fiasco and the Hell the University went through as a result.

Not to say that Greer Love is going to be the next Ed Martin. But when you’re talking about a Michigan alum, money and a high-end college basketball recruit, the mind is going to start to wander in all different directions.


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