A hatred of Michigan is helping an Ohio State fan recover from severe brain trauma


Ohio State

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The Michigan/Ohio State rivalry is apparently lending a helping hand in the recovery of severe brain trauma patients.

Take Zach Lawrence for example.

The dedicated Ohio State fan suffered severe brain trauma after a car crash in the Republic of Georgia this past spring. After returning to the United States when his family was able to raise more than $200,000 dollars, Lawrence is now receiving treatment in Columbus, Ohio where doctors have been monitoring his recovery. That recovery is being measured by Lawrence’s love for Ohio State and his hatred for Michigan.

Here’s Jessica Wehrman of The Columbus Dispatch with the details:

While recuperating at Dodd Hall Rehabilitation Center at Ohio State University, the Dublin resident was given one button to push for “yes” and another to push for “no.”

“Do you like Michigan?” he was asked.

Lawrence immediately pushed the “no” button. And then — just to make sure everyone had heard him the first time — he pushed it again.

Anyways, despite being a Buckeye we wish Mr. Lawrence all the best and a full recovery.
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