If you bring Harbuargh, They all will come!!!



Simply put the addition of Harbaugh can do much more for the Michigan program than one may initially think.

With Harbaugh in the fold, we could see the potential for programs across the Michigan landscape to flourish. With Harbaugh’s leadership, national presence and skill on the sidelines could attract a vast array of talent for the football program and beyond. Let me explain. First in the upcoming years, the football program will be successful program once again. In turn if the football program is successful, garnering national attention for the positive things they do on the field becoming an even bigger money maker other programs flourish. It’s as simple as that. So baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, etc will fell the positive effects. Not to mention what it will do to help recruiting for the football program itself. Look no further than what Urban Meyer does at Ohio State. Combine that popularity and intrigue Urban Meyer brings with what Dantonio can do at Michigan State coaching wise.

Bottom line though Jim Harbaugh will help the B1G as a whole with his competitiveness added to the mix along with Dantonio and Meyer.


About Shawn Bell

Big Michigan fan. Will always be a Wolverine fan, even tho they have been very bad over the years. You can’t be a fan of any team if you haven’t been there for them for the up and downs of the program.


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