Jabrill Peppers tweets displeasure with NCAA ‘indentured servitude’ checks



Michigan defensive back Jabrill Peppers is apparently starving… At least that’s the gist you get when you read a series of tweets he laid out early Wednesday regarding the NCAA’s way of offering out stipends to help offset the cost of living for a student-athlete.

Awww you poor thing.

They also don’t have access to the same amenities you do Jabrill.

Maybe you should’ve looked into that before moving out?

So what? Did you get kicked out of the dorms or were you just too good for simple college student living?

So what were your means of getting the case to buy the chains, tattoos and clothes then?

Bottom line, no one should feel sorry for Peppers or really scoff at the nearly $2,000 he gets from the NCAA that he doesn’t have to pay back. Lets also not forget Peppers like majority of the players at Michigan have the entirety of their education and room and board paid. It was Peppers who didn’t feel he needed to live in the dorms and suffer when it comes to his day-to-day survival.

Should student athletes be paid by the NCAA for the billions they bring in? Absolutely, but that’s an entirely different issue from the one of presented here with Peppers who doesn’t seem to be very good with his day-to-day finances.

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