Those Jim Harbaugh to the Los Angeles Rams rumors seem like click bait bullshit


Jim Harbaugh

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Some asinine rumors have been running rampant regarding Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh heading back west to take the coaching reigns of the Los Angeles Rams after the team finally put Jeff Fisher out of his misery Monday.

Now as you can tell, I for one have made my opinion on the matter very apparent in the opening sentence when I referred to these rumors as asinine. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t think the Rams have interest in Jim Harbaugh as their next head coach. I for one certainly believe the Rams have a big time interest in Harbaugh and why shouldn’t they be? When it comes to head coaches and football at any level in the United States, Jim Harbaugh is going to be at the top of anyones list whether you’re the University of Michigan in the NCAA or Los Angeles Rams in the NFL.

But if you want to make a metaphorical comparison, I’m sure most of us have needed a new car or new house at some point in our lives. Sure we’d like Corvette or the multi-million dollar mansion on the lake, but realistically we have to settle for the practical four door sedan or three bedroom, two bath colonial in the suburbs.

Anyways, before I get into why the notion of Jim Harbaugh to the Rams is simple click-bait bullshit, I’ll make mention where the rumor originated.

During a recent interview with Colin Cowherd, MMQB’s Albert Breer made mention that Jim Harbaugh to the Rams is a ‘very real thing’ without giving any concrete reason behind the notion other than what I assume is A) we have the first head coaching vacancy in the NFL and B) Jim Harbaugh did well at Michigan this season which means he’s surely going back to the NFL after this season.

Cowherd followed up what was a pretty baseless statement by Breer with some speculation of his own saying that Harbaugh could be turned off by the college football system after what happened against Ohio State a few weeks ago.

“Did the horrible officiating at Ohio State feel small to Harbaugh? Did he feel like something was robbed? He didn’t get voted into the final four, the terrible officiating, how does that sit with Harbaugh? Does it bother him? I don’t know.”

You can listen to the nonsense in its entirety below:

First, if Harbaugh is going to be turned off by what happened at Ohio State a few weeks ago then he might want to get out of coaching altogether. Shit like that is what happens at any level of football. I mean has Cowherd watched the notoriously bad officiating in the NFL? Can you really come to the conclusion the Big Ten any better or worse?

Again my argument isn’t that the Rams don’t have interest in Harbaugh, my argument is why in the Hell would one of the best coaches in football leave Michigan for a dumpster fire in the Los Angeles Rams?

Lets be clear, Harbaugh is a god in Ann Arbor. I don’t think there’s any denying that and with that notion alone he can basically do what he wishes with that Michigan program which for the most part has worked out pretty well. Not to mention the Wolverines are about to possess the top five recruits in the State of Michigan for the 2017 class.

Meanwhile the last time the Rams had a winning season was back in 2003 when they went 12-4 and lost to the Panthers in the divisional round.

Not only that, it’s going to get worse before it gets better for Los Angeles.

Lets not forget the Rams don’t have a first round pick in 2017 after dealing it away to the Tennessee Titans this past draft so they could take Jared Goff first overall. In fact the Rams could have has few as four picks altogether in 2017 or as many as six if they don’t work out a trade for more. This essentially isn’t the position you want to be in for a rebuilding team.

And when it comes to Jared Goff, the guy could be damaged goods before his career really gets going in the NFL.

Why would Harbaugh want to subject himself to any of this? Why would he want to even bother with a team that won’t have a first round pick next season or are invested into a quarterback that isn’t one he hand-picked himself?

Ultimately it’s my belief Harbaugh will at some point return to the NFL. I don’t think you get that close to winning a Super Bowl without making at least one more attempt. However, Harbaugh is going to be at the top of anyone’s coaching list in the NFL when jobs become open. And they’ll open up, they always do which is why it makes zero sense for the Michigan head coach to leave Ann Arbor for the LA Rams when they’ll be much better opportunity in the NFL.

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