Jim Harbaugh and Mark Dantonio exchange pleasantries in the media and on Twitter


Jim Harbaugh

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Sunday’s bowl bids for Michigan and Michigan State have once again caused a dust up between Jim Harbaugh and Mark Dantonio.

After the Spartans received a bid for the Holiday Bowl while Michigan was picked for a trip to the Outback Bowl, the Spartan head coach had this to say after his team was once again slighted in the Big Ten bowl game pecking order. This of course despite finishing ahead of the Wolverines in the Big Ten East.


“I just look at it as an opportunity to play in the Holiday Bowl right now,” Dantonio said. “The records are what they are. I’ll just continue to concentrate on beating Michigan, let things sort of sort out.”

Harbaugh though wasn’t going to let Dantonio’s comments go unanswered as the Michigan head coach took to Twitter to fire back at his in-state rival.

Meanwhile, Dantonio fired back with his own social media retort which seemingly referenced back to his first full season as Michigan State’s head coach in 2007 when his Spartans lost to Michigan and endured a mocking celebration as a result. It was then Dantonio said “pride comes before the fall,” before including that things were just getting started.

Anyways, when it comes to the bowl games what difference does it really make if your bid is the Outback, the Music City or the Holiday Day Bowl? If you’re not playing in the College Football Playoff or have conference championship to go along with your second or third tier bowl who gives a shit where you’re playing in the postseason?

Michigan State fans also need to realize that Michigan is still the bigger brand and bigger draw which means bigger dollar signs for sponsors which is essentially what it all boils down to in major college sports.

Meanwhile, some Michigan fans and Jim Harbaugh for the matter need to have their egos checked at the door. Harbaugh has one win in three years over Michigan State while Dantonio’s Spartans have essentially owned Michigan in his tenure.

And as far as the off the field trouble goes, both teams have had their issues in which case neither coach should be taking the moral high ground on.

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