Jordan welcomes Michigan to the Jordan brand



When Michigan signed on to go back to Nike last month, the athletic program wasn’t just going back to one of the biggest brand names in the World, they were also making history.

Michigan’s journey back to Nike from Adidas meant that not only were they a Nike school once again privy to all of the brand’s innovations, but they were also privy to the Jordan brand and the iconic ‘jump man’ logo.

Which brings us to Michael Jordan welcoming the Michigan football team as the “first football team to the Jordan family,”

However like anything Michigan football these days, the school’s move back to Nike of course meant that Jim Harbaugh had some sort of role in the decision. According to Darren Rovell, Jordan personally called up Harbaugh saying he wanted a Michigan and Jordan hookup to happen.

Harbaugh himself also reacted to Jordan’s welcome:

Nike has had a reputation for helping school lure big time recruits whether it’s with the Nike pro combat uniforms other stylistic innovations the brand has displayed. The Jordan aspect that Michigan football is employing brings Michigan to another level in terms of their looks. The iconic ‘jump man’ seems to fit very well with the iconic Michigan helmet and overall look.

Sure it could certainly help Harbaugh and the rest of the program in recruiting which never really was the issue. Michigan still needs to transition what they bring in during the offseason to production on the field. Unfortunately your look probably can’t accomplish this.




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