Mike Weber: “I’m hurt as hell” after OSU running back’s coach jumps to NFL



A life lesson and the nature of the business or Uncle Urban simply pulling a fast one on a highly touted recruit to keep him from Michigan?

In reality it’s both as things kinda hit the fan for Buckeye four-star running back recruit Mike Weber who learned today that Stan Drayton, who he thought would be his position coach in Columbus, has jumped ship to the NFL with the Chicago Bears. The move itself left Weber, a former Michigan verbal commitment “hurt as hell” while his high school coach at Cass Tech in Detroit Thomas Wilcher was pretty upset in an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Mike Weber is hurt. I could feel it through the telephone. I felt it with him. I wanted to just talk with him and talk him through it. I told him to keep calling me, to keep talking to me about it. I don’t want him to be hurting. I want him to understand this is part of the business, this is what they do. This is how they do things. But you shouldn’t be played as a pawn in the business, though. That’s the problem. Kids shouldn’t be played as a pawn in the business.

CollegeFootballTalk.com also points out in the interview that Wilcher didn’t know if Drayton not being at OSU would’ve made a different in Weber’s decision despite Drayton’s huge role in recruiting the former Cass Tech star. Not to mention Weber struggling with the decision of OSU and U-M up until National Signing Day.

I don’t know. I am quite sure it made a difference and it would have made a difference in his decision. It would have made a difference in what he wanted to do. But the most important thing is it would have been up to him and his parents. That would have played a big role in what was going on.

According to CFT, Drayton didn’t actually interview for the NFL job until after National Signing Day however they were also quick to note that there was ‘little doubt’ that the sit down with the Bears was scheduled beforehand. Needless to say this doesn’t bode well for Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes recruiting any more players in the Detroit Public School system. There’s also no telling what will happen with Weber and the Buckeyes which may not be much considering the running back already signed his letter of intent.

[h/t: Mlive.com (photo), CFT, Cleveland Plain Dealer]

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