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VIDEO: Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman drunk during halftime Saturday?


During halftime of the Michigan/Nebraska game from the Big House Saturday, University president Mary Sue Coleman delivered a halftime speech that left many wondering whether or not she was flat out drunk.

Slurred speech, shouting at the end of sentences and consistently repeating what she just said would normally earn anyone a failing grade in a sobriety test or suspicion of the Ms. Coleman being hammered during her speech.

Michigan and Coleman herself have since said that the reverberation and anxiety over speaking in front of a large group of people was to blame for the seemingly drunken speech. However hasn’t she spoken at large events before?

If she was in fact piss drunk though I guess we couldn’t blame her. Watching that lethargic Michigan offense all day long would tempt any Michigan fan, alum or president to pound the bottle.

You be the judge.

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