Was Frank Beckmann forced out of the Michigan football broadcasting booth?



Last week it was announced that longtime Michigan play-by-play guy Frank Beckmann would call it quits after at the conclusion of the 2013 season after 30+ years broadcasting Maize n’ Blue football games. The move came to some surprise considering the longevity Beckmann had with Michigan football and the fact that it’s probably going to be weird for Michigan fans hearing a new voice over the airwaves come 2014.

However Beckmann’s announcement can’t come as that much of a surprise considering some obvious surface circumstances but also something that the University of Michigan may not want you to know about.

First Beckmann is old and I don’t think there’s any denying that. He was Michigan’s play-by-play announcer since taking over for the legendary Bob Ufer back in 1981 so it’s certainly conceivable that Michigan maybe wanted to make a change for the sake of getting someone new.

But it was some outside the broadcast booth controversy that may have ultimately sealed Beckmann’s fate.

Back in May, Beckmann wrote an article for the Detroit News in which he seemed to blast the notion of political correctness when it came to Sergio Garcia’s fried chicken comments towards fellow golfer Tiger Woods. The article (which has been removed from DetNews.com) drew the ire of readers everywhere suggesting it had racial undertones.

This though is where the speculation of Beckmann’s departure really comes full circle.

Jeff Moss of the DetroitSportsRag.com writes that it’s not difficult to connect the dots when it comes to the Beckmann retirement as he (Moss) suggested that Beckmann didn’t retire on his own terms but rather forced out by the University for the incident back in May. Furthermore the writing on the wall supporting those claims is pretty clear. Moss points out the that Brady Hoke was very upset about Beckmann’s comments and wanted him gone immediately considering the negative impact it could potentially have on recruiting. Also, certain board trustee’s (namely Denise Ilitch a big time democrat) also called for Beckmann (a republican) to be let go to disassociate the University from his far-right politics.

Very interesting non the less and I suggest taking a look at Jeff Moss’ full write up.

h/t: DetroitSportsRag.com, Freep.com

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