Will Jabrill Peppers’ Heisman pursuit end up costing Michigan?


Jabrill Peppers

For the first time in quite a while, the University of Michigan has legitimately one of the best players in all of college football in Jabrill Peppers. And when I say he’s legitimate, he’s not one of those gimmicky September Heisman like a Denard Robinson or Tate Forcier who essentially had one aspect to their game.

Nope, Jabrill Peppers is quite the opposite. In fact aside from position, Peppers is probably the anti Denard Robinson when it comes to his overall versatility. Yes Denard was a “quarterback” who could also run but lets not kid ourselves. The Brady Hoke era forced Denard Robinson down our throats, ruined Devin Gardner because of this and the rest was history.

When it comes to Peppers, he’s not only a safety who could also play corner. These past couple weeks he’s also apparently a running back and return specialist as well. Perhaps one of the most deadly return specialists in all of college football. In total, Peppers has played 13 positions this season and has been on the field for a total of 331 snaps through six games. To put that in perspective, according to CBS Sports that’s more snaps than Navy‘s offense has been on the field so far this entire season.

Impressive? Absolutely. But whether or not something like that is necessary may be the bigger question.

No I’m not trying to ruin the party here for Michigan fans, but the Wolverines are in a real nice spot to do some big things this season. They’re already ranked third in the country which obviously puts them in playoff territory so long as they can get by Ohio State at the end of the season and go on to win the Big Ten. Doing that is all within the realm of possibility, but those aspirations are vastly hindered if Peppers isn’t playing… at all.

Perhaps instead of yucking it up with Jim Harbaugh during press conferences and wondering the head coaches thoughts at a Peppers Heisman, maybe those who carry the media credentials should be asking him whether or not it’s worth having your best player accumulate over 70 yards and two touchdowns against college football’s version of Chernobyl in Rutgers? Go ahead and talk to Jeremy Clark about useless minutes at the end of games that for all intents and purposes are in the bag.

Hell I wouldn’t even play Peppers at linebacker all that often given what’s up ahead on the schedule and his overall size.

If the current pace for Peppers is his only path to the Heisman it’s simply not worth it. It’s not worth it for himself and his future nor is it worth it for Michigan who have bigger fish to fry the rest of the season. Not to mention Peppers is off to the NFL after this year so Harbaugh and the rest of the coaching staff better use the time they have with him very wisely.


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