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2016 Michigan State Football Scholarship Chart




Malik McDowell

This is the unofficial Michigan State Football Scholarship Chart heading into the 2016 season:

Last Update: 2/5/2016


Feburary 5th: Jack Conklin has gone pro and the appeals for extra eligibility seem like they will all go through.

Just after National Signing Day the Spartans will have 83 scholarships taken for sure by the players above, three that might be with the sixth year appeals and at least one more recruit who hasn’t signed yet. Factor in the fact that Delton Williams might be put back on scholarship and the Spartans are going to be over the 85 scholarship limit.  No player has announced their intention to leave the program, but there will have to be some reductions made before the season opens in 2016.

January 2nd: Assuming Jack Conklin goes pro and Ed Davis, Brandon Clemons, and Damon Knox are all denied their appeals for a sixth year of eligibility, the Spartans have only one more open space in the 2016 recruiting class. This is assuming no player takes a medial disqualification, transfers, or unexpectedly declares for the NFL draft early, which never happens.

Either way, the Spartans seem loaded for bear to try and return to the college football playoff in 2016.

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