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Michigan State dropped their seventh straight game


Michigan State


Michigan State remains winless in the Big Ten and have dropped their seventh straight after yet another embarrassing loss, this time by way of a 31-27 decision to Illinois from Champaign. And much like last weekend the Spartans failed to  make the most out of the opportunities presented to them.

Yes, Tyler O’Connor and Damien Terry aren’t the most ideal tandem at the quarterback spot but they’re also not solely responsible for continuing to kill this team.

O’Connor went 23/35 for 265 yards. He didn’t throw any touchdowns but at the same time he didn’t throw any interceptions.

He also got hurt and had to be relieved by Terry who went 6/12 for 50 yards and one touchdown.

The biggest areas of concern in this game remain the ongoing themes and problems the entire year.

Coaching on both sides of the ball continues to be an issue. Obviously right? I mean what kind of shitty team loses to Illinois? I guess at least it was on the road.

Penalties were a problem as well. The Spartans took 10 of them for a total of 89 yards.

However once again those opportunities in enemy territory seemed of fallen by the waste side much like last weekend against Michigan.

Michigan State moved the ball within the Illini 36-yard line (or further) eight times. However that only transitioned to two touchdowns and four field goals. Sure it was better than what they produced last week against Michigan but the only thing this tells us is mediocre play in the opponent’s territory isn’t going to win you games on road in the Big Ten. It doesn’t matter if it’s against Ohio State or a shit team like Illinois.

So where do the Spartans go from here? Well they take on Rutgers Saturday which if you can’t beat Rutgers at home I don’t know what to tell you. After that they’ve got Ohio State and Penn State on the road. And those bowl hopes? They’re officially out the window.

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