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Michigan State officially dismissed Demetric Vance, Donnie Corley and Josh King after Title IX investigation


Michigan State

Demetric Vance, Donnie Corley and Josh King were dismissed from Michigan State entirely Thursday after a Title IX investigation against the trio.

Vance, Corley and King – who were all members of the 2017 recruiting class – are currently facing third-degree sexual assault charges stemming from an alleged January 17th incident earlier this year on the East Lansing campus.

If convicted all three face up 15 years behind bars.

King however has found himself in deeper shit with additional charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct which could be punishable with life in prison. The former four-star recruit is also facing additional charges of capturing and/or distributing an image of an unclothed person according to MLive.com.

Attorney Shannon Smith, who represents King said that the Title IX investigation was a “rush to judgement” against her client.

Via NBC News:

“After Josh was dismissed, my office received all of the discovery from the investigation by law enforcement which was over 4,000 pages and more than 10 disks full of interviews. That material was not considered by the investigator for the Title IX investigation,” Smith said in a text message.

“Now that my office has had time to review the material, which contains very inconsistent stories by the complainant, I believe the university would have reached a different conclusion had they not rushed to judgment and completed a fair investigation,” Smith said.

She said the school’s “Title IX process needs to change”

“Decisions are made on a rushed basis and after incomplete investigations,” Smith said.

All three players were originally suspended by the football as the school brought on an investigation back in February. They were eventually dismissed from the team last month when charges were officially filed against them.

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