Where the Western Michigan players went in the NFL Draft


NFL Draft

Coming off an amazing season, Western Michigan capped that success by having three total players taken in this year’s NFL Draft.

The Western draft class of course was headed by wide receiver Corey Davis who went fifth overall to the Tennessee Titans marking the highest player taken from a Michigan school in this year’s draft.

Davis, who was widely considered to be one of if not thee best wide-out prospect will provide the Titans with just about everything desired out of an NFL caliber receiver. Davis has the height and length as well as the speed and footwork to make it work for himself at the next level. Not only that his willingness to engage with physical defenders will make that pro transition much smoother.

Aside from Davis though the Broncos had offensive tackle Taylor Moton go in the second round (64th overall) to the Carolina Panthers and defensive end Keion Adams selected in the seventh round (248th overall) by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Moton, should be able to hold his own at the NFL level something he regularly did in college against bigger schools while Adams should benefit from Pittsburgh’s 3-4 set.

Going undrafted was Western quarterback Zach Terrell who ended up being signed (as an undrafted free agent) by the Baltimore Ravens.

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